Live in nature - with nature

This is our central life motto. Respect towards nature, careful treatment of nature and itsresources, strong will to save energy, optimised consumption of energy with renewable energies have made us apioneers regarding “renewable energies”.

Photovoltaic systems

This is the reason why we have built two photovoltaic systems in the last three years. The first system has a size of 29,4 kWp and feeds the generated power as a whole into the KELAG net. The other system is a 36,94 kWp surplus feeding system which helps to optimise the on-site consumption in our bungalows. All in all much more power is produced than consumed in our bungalows. For mor details refer to the following charts.

Photovoltaic systems

Drinking water

Our drinking water comes from 52 m deep well. Annual controls required by law guarantee the good quality of our Carinthian water.

Warm water

The warm water of each bungalow is generated by a gravitation solar system in a very environmentally friendly way using solar power. Two collectors heat the water in a boiler by means of convection. This is the reason why this solar sytem works without pumps and electricity – and thus envirnmentally friendly.

Warm water


To minimize the energy consumption of our bungalows we have converted ur whole lightning system to LED. This measure caused a reduction of the corresponding electricity consumption up to ca. 80%.


We want to take forward electromobility by bying electric cars (Nissan Leaf ZE1). We have installed charging stations at our bungalows for e-bikes.

Mit Unterstützung von klima:aktiv klimaenergiefonds + lebensministerium

Current data of our photovoltaic systems

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